We collected three awesome items from Practk

This morning we found some really awesome products. There are several items in Practk worth featuring today, so let ‘s get started as quick as possible!

Number 1 item we have is:

Liner Brush 😻

Fill in brows with powder or smudge eyeshadows across the lashline to incorporate meaning to any look. The particular brush head may also be used with concealer to completely clean up brows and around the lips after color application.


  • Angled, firm edge helps define brows + makeup
  • Use a sketching motion to accomplish a hairlike impact
  • Use with concealer to completely clean up brows or about the lips after color application
  • Line the eyes using a gel eyeliner along the lashline
  • Ergonomic, hexagonal handle
  • Wash before usage recommended
  • Free 1-Year Warranty
  • Cruelty-free + Vegan

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Our second item on our list today is Palmat® – Green.

Say goodbye to dirty makeup products brushes! The Palmat® is a 2-in-1 brush cleaning tool that deep cleans your brushes to help keep them exactly like brand new. It really works perfect for those with a large brush collection or those with only one makeup brush. Small and portable, it’s perfect for traveling! 


  • Wear on palm to quickly clean brushes

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Brush Cleaning > Palmat® – Green