SOM has new stuff for sale!!!

This evening we are proud to show off some really cool products. There are several items in SOM worth featuring today, so let us get to the list as soon as possible!

The very first item is…:

The Correct Toes 📱

Numerous common base dilemmas is eradicated and avoided by enabling the feet to function naturally, with toes being splayed, straight and strong.

In the event that you have a look at a baby’s base, you’ll notice his/her toes are splayed, strong, and versatile;and that the widest element of their base are at the ends of this toes. Adult foot are meant to display these same characteristics, and indeed, that is what we see in cultures where people do not wear constrictive shoes. Unshod or minimally-shod cultures have a really low incidence of foot dilemmas. In societies where individuals regularly wear closed-toes footwear, foot issues such as for example heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas are rampant.

A Little Something Extra > The Correct Toes

Our second item on the list for today is HiLite!

The HiLite in Blue happens to be retiring as of 05/01/21, just few sizes available

The HiLite is SOM’s first mid-top model ever produced. More flexible than any of the other SOM footwear, the materials found in the HiLite are technically advanced level, durable, provide greater breathability, and are quick-drying.

The mid-top provides extra ankle protection from dust, rocks, and dust, whether you’re walking for a city street, or operating minimally or hiking on rough tracks.

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